Milltag began life as a PKD in-house project in 2010. After working on Swedish sports brand ‘Gersemi’ we decided to launch a small-scale cycling business, collaborating with our favourite designers to produce limited edition jerseys. We created a website and took to social media to spread the word.

Fast forward to the present day and Milltag Cycling is now a fully fledged bespoke cycling business working at the highest level of the sport. Design is still at the heart of what we do and this is what we feel gives us the edge in an increasingly crowded market. PKD provide all strategic brand development, production and logistics support to the business along with managing and maintaining the website and e-commerce functions. In 2016 we began a comprehensive overhaul of the brand, refining the logo and all marketing support communications, issuing brand guidelines and developing a distinctive look and feel to both product and it’s positioning in the marketplace. Milltag is now established as one of the industry’s premium supplier of custom cycle clothing and our work for the brand ensures it is well placed to capitalise on it’s growing dominance in this cycling sector. To see more of what Milltag can offer please download the latest custom brochures for custom kit or its 2017 retail offer.

As co-founder and director, Pete spends time looking after the business interests of Milltag and oversees the growth of the business. To find out more about what’s going at at Milltag visit the website. It’s been one hell of ride so far, long may it continue.